Parents Support and Generosity Are Felt Across the Campus

You may have noticed that our EPO spends a lot of time asking for help and money.  We are proud of its efforts and the support we enjoy from parents and the community.
Below is a partial list of all the things the EPO has been able to do this year because of YOUR generosity.  Whether your support comes from our small-scale fundraisers, straight donations, supporting and attending our ESquared event, it all makes a difference and improves our programs and our students education.
~ Purchase of powerful microscopes, scales, and a host of materials for the Science Lab.
~ Campus improvements (teacher’s lounge, signs, paint doors).
~ Fund field trips for all classes.
~  Buy the math curriculum resources for all grades.
~ Purchase cases and cases of paper and other supplies for all our teachers.
~ Stock the teacher’s lounge with goodies.
~ Installation American flags throughout the school, including the flag pole outside.
~ And a whole lot more.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your generosity!

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