Facts About Our Founding School

Facts: Albert Einstein Academy – Santa Clarita, California

Facts about Albert Einstein Academy – William S. Hart Union High School District

After only two years, the Albert Einstein Academy middle/high school is in the top 1% of performance for schools in the state—number 40 out of nearly 2800 schools.

Albert Einstein Academy—Hart  was the highest performing middle/high school in the district in 2010/2011 with an API of 908.  In 2011/2012, API increased to 910, despite the addition of a 10th grade, additional pupils, and an increased number of special education students.

There is a waiting list of 665 students for the existing school.

Our special education percentage is higher than that of the district average.

39% of the student population is non-white.

The school is WASC (Western Association of Schools & Colleges) accredited.  This was achieved in only our second year of operation—an uncommon occurrence.

The school received the maximum five-year extension for a charter, even before our initial approval was up for consideration.

Albert Einstein Academies is a grassroots, nonprofit organization led by parents, not a for-profit venture.

The school was approved for a municipal bond by prominent investment bank Piper Jaffray after a thorough review of our finances.

The Albert Einstein Academy Santa Clarita has both Junior High School and High School sports.

We have a community service requirement for students.

Summary cited in our renewal by the Hart District:

  • Challenging college preparatory program with an interdisciplinary focus
  • Multi-language acquisition focus
  • College preparatory and career path programs
  • Excellent API score (908)
  • A wide variety of opportunities for developing student leadership
  • Highly invested parental involvement
  • High demand for admission
  • A culture of inclusion
  • Educational travel opportunities
  • Strong community outreach
  • Language choices that are not available at other schools
  • Membership in C.I.F.
  • Wide variety of elective choices
  • Strong fundraising track record
  • Access to short term, interest free loans
  • Strong fiscal oversight
  • Extended school year
  • Successful partnership with the district in regard to special education  services
  • Strong working relationship with the Hart District

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