Parent Resources

General Resources

California Department of Education (CDE) –  This site has all you need to know about California’s education system.

California’s Content Standards – This link takes you to a page on the CDE that allows you to explore the standards that we follow for teaching our students.  Our school is following the Common Core standards for math and language arts.  We are using the Next Generation Science Standards for our science curriculum.

Kahn Academy – A great place to get help on concepts in math and science.

Discovery Education –  Engaging digital resources for Math, Science, English and Social Studies.

Scholastic Books – Visit this site to order books and explore other fun resources for reading.

Language Arts Resources

Spelling City – This website has several games that help your student practice spelling.

Lexipedia – A visual thesaurus that organizes word meanings in an interactive format.

Visuwords – An online graphical dictionary.  Much like Lexipedia.

Science Resources

Science Text Book – You have full access to the entire student edition text book without carrying the book home.  You need to register your account using a special access code provided by your teacher.

Interactive Periodic Table – Nottingham University in England made a video demonstrating every element on the Periodic Table.

Science Study Tools – The official site from McGraw-Hill, our science book’s publisher.  It has study tools and interactive materials.

NOAA Clouds – A terrific resource for understanding how clouds are named and what types of clouds are in the sky.
NOAA Atmosphere – A terrific resource for understanding the Earth’s atmosphere.

Weather sites: Warm and Cold Fronts and Brain Pop’s explanation about weather.

USGS Water – A great visual that demonstrates just how little water is available on earth for us to survive on.

CLWA – Castaic Lake Water Agency’s site has great water system information.

Scale of the Universe – Ever wonder just how big, or small, we are compared to the universe?  Open up this link and play around.

Kids Know It – A student portal into the many exciting facets that make up our Universe Activities include educational games and worksheets.

Spiders – Learn all about a variety of species of spiders.

Social Sciences Resources

Social Studies Text Book – You have full access to the entire student editions text book without carrying the book home.  You need to register your account using a special access code provided by your teacher.

Charters of Freedom – Explore virtual copies of important documents from American history.  This site includes the Declaration of IndependenceU.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights as well as other key documents.  We’ll refer to these throughout the year. – Biographical info about historic figures.  The site provides a great summary of each person and even a short video that adds to student understanding.

Mayflower – An interactive exploration of the Pilgrim’s journey to North America aboard the Mayflower.

States Practice – An interactive map game to help you study your states and capitals.

States and Capitals Songs – Rap and Art video.  Wakko video.

Math Resources

Virtual Manipulatives – Virtual Quisenaire Rods.  This is a great resource for building numbers so that you can model addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Views of Solids Game – An interactive game to help understand what 3D solids look like from different views.

Long Division – This sheet describes how a student should be able to explain long division.

Engineering Resources

Amazing Alex – THIS IS AN AP, not a website.  A crazy contraptions physics app that has kids cobble together Rube Goldberg-like devices to guide balls.

Coaster Crafter – This website cleverly draws on students’ love of roller coasters to teach velocity, force, and motion.

Design Squad Nation – Classmates can compete to solve fun engineering problems with this website.

Minecraft – It’s kind of like the ultimate virtual Lego set.  It’s a spiraling sandbox of adventure and creation gets kids to dig deep in this game for Windows, Mac, and Linux devices.  WARNING:  Tablets have a free version, but to play the full version you will have buy a membership.

World of Goo – A fun puzzler about building structures with unique materials. WARNING: This is not a free game.  It is available on multiple platforms with free demos.  Check it out and make your decision whether or not it is worth buying.

P.E. Resources

California Physical Fitness Test (PFT) Body Composition – Watch this video to understand the PFT’s definition of Body Composition.

California Physical Fitness Test (PFT) Aerobic Capacity – Watch this video to understand the PFT’s definition of Aerobic Capacity.

Standardized Testing Resources

Sample Star Questions – Open this page to try out sample questions from actual tests.

Smarter Balance Sample Test – This site allows you to sample the Smarter Balance test that will be replacing the current paper and pencil exams.  THIS DOES NOT GIVE YOU RESULTS.  IT ONLY PROVIDES PRACTICE.

  • Scroll down to the bottom and click on the green box on the right entitled “Student Interface Practice and Training Test”
  • Click Sign In without changing anything
  • Select your grade from the drop down and click sign in
  • Choose any of the subject tests

Questions? Contact the school here.

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