Annual Fund Letter

Dear AEA Families,

Thank you for selecting the Albert Einstein Academy as your school of choice.  Our second year as a public charter school is off to a very promising start and we look forward to a strong academic year.  In our first year, we attained an API score of 908-the highest score in all the districts-and we are confident that the 2011-2012 school year will likewise be very successful as we all work toward the common goal of providing the best educational experience for our students.  Like the hundreds of families that have enrolled in our school, and like the many more that were placed on waiting lists as we reached capacity in each grade, you have chosen the Albert Einstein Academy for the many qualities that set us apart from other schools and programs, such as:

  • Small class sizes for more individualized attention
  • A strong preparation of young people for college and lifelong learning
  • A highly qualified and dedicated faculty teaching a rigorous and rich college preparatory curriculum
  • Varied electives courses
  • An invested and supportive community
  • A multi-language acquisition focus
  • A safe, caring, and healthy educational environment

The Albert Einstein Academy provides this top echelon education in a strong and safe community setting without the $20,000.00 to $30,000.00 price tag of a private school education!  Public state funds are what fuel our program, yet they are woefully insufficient for AEA to provide the high caliber, college preparatory program we have in mind.  Every year, our per-student payment from the state will fall short of what we will need to operate and educate.  This is not unique to AEA; it is the unfortunate reality of the California school system and, while other public schools consider drastic measures in reaction to state budget cuts such as reduced instructional time, teacher lay-offs, increased class sizes, and arts program cuts, your support allows us to implement and continue to foster a comprehensive AEA education.

At AEA, generous parent/community giving is a proud and vital part of our school.  It allows us to provide the education you are seeking for your child in a tuition-free, public school setting.  Giving is completely voluntary and non-obligatory, yet without your generosity, AEA simply could not offer many of the state of the art technological resources and innovative program offerings we intend for your child and our students.  While many families give $2,500 per student or more, many others make automatic monthly contributions.  What is most important is that every level of support is valued and appreciated.  Every penny of your tax-deductible contribution goes directly to the school program and your child’s education.

Unlike many other schools, you will see in concrete and tangible ways where your donations are going and what you are providing for our student community.   So far, we have purchased projectors, interactive whiteboards, individual lockers, laptops, and computers for a state of the art computer lab.   Some of the areas where your future donations will have an immediate impact will be in the ability to purchase more classroom technology, science and lab equipment, a sports court/field and equipment, along with the ability to participate in various extracurricular programs, educational travel, and enrichment activities.

Help give your child the gift of the best in public school education. We are hoping for 100% participation.

A list of “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ’s) about the Annual Giving Campaign is attached, and  a “Pledge Form” will be sent home, or can be accessed on-line via our website.  Monthly credit card deductions can be set up through our website at, or by contacting  Wendi Mann at (661) 702-0755 or by email at

We greatly appreciate the support of all the AEA families! Every donation helps us get closer to our goal.  Thank you for all you have done and for your continued support of our school.


Questions? Contact the school here.

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