Box Tops

We are officially a school that participates in the box Tops for education program. It is a great and easy way to earn our school some extra money.

To get familiar with how to earn and collect box tops please visit their website at The website has helpful hints on different ways you can collect Box Tops for Education. You can also print pages to make collecting more fun. You can see how much our school has earned and compare it to other schools. As of now we have zero dollars in Box Tops credits, let’s make a conscious effort to collect as many as possible so that we become the number one school on the list of dollars earned! After all we are the Rockets and we can blast off into first place if we all come together.

Our goal is to raise $1,000 from box tops! We are having each class collect box tops and the winning class will get a fun surprise. Each class will have their own collection box. Our first deadline is to submit by November 1. Collect those box tops and bring them in!

P. S . Don’t forget to ask friends and family to save Box Tops for you as well.

Questions? Contact the school here.

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