We Need Your Support

Dear Odyssey Academy Parents & Friends:

These are exciting times for Albert Einstein Academy of Letters, Arts, and Sciences (AEALAS). As you know, Odyssey Academy is a brand new charter school, and we are thrilled that it is the newest member of our AEALAS family. The community is buzzing about the launch of this unique learning environment.


AEALAS is a California nonprofit organization with federal tax exempt 501(c)(3) status. AEALAS offers a rigorous curriculum which seeks to prepare students for advanced post­ secondary education and 21st century lives as members of society through an interdisciplinary education experience rich in exposure to innovative and engaging STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) curriculum, Project Based Learning, and foreign languages and culture.

AEALAS is charting a new course in education. The school’s small size allows each child and family to be known and be given a high level of attention and encouragement from faculty and administration. Science and math are taught at the highest levels. The performing and visual arts are integrated into multi-disciplinary learning. Students learn to read, write and speak with fluency in a foreign tongue. AEA graduates continue to develop their knowledge and curiosity through a lifetime love of learning.

Why We Need Your Support

Because of the tremendous growth we are experiencing and the start-up costs associated with every new charter school, we are actively involved in a community campaign to cover the school’s initial expenses and to build a base of funding for ongoing priorities to enrich the school in a number of ways in the short-term and the long-term. In order to achieve our target of $600,000 by December 2015, it is imperative that each of us give meaningfully. Odyssey Academy is counting on us to provide the resources and opportunities to our Odyssey scholars – our inaugural cohort of students – that we can all expect of an outstanding school. Our goal for Odyssey families is 100% participation in our annual campaign. We are confident that, with your support, we will rise to this challenge. The support of other family members, friends, and community members will also be a key component in realizing our dreams.

What Your Gift Will Do

All new charter schools experience a cash flow delay with the initial year of government funding. In the meanwhile, your gift will assist in closing the gap between the school’s basic operating expenses in its first semester and the receipt of those funds. At that point, we anticipate being able to free up funds raised by parents to move ahead with collective priorities for the enhancement of the school.

We would be more than happy to discuss the importance and utilization of community­ raised funds at Odyssey Academy if you would like further detail. Feel free to contact us at donations-bh@ealas.org with any questions you have.

Please know how very valuable each and every gift is to the future of our school. We thank you in advance for your contribution and look forward to building Odyssey Academy in partnership with you.

Annual Gift Giving

Questions? Contact the school here.

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