Fairy Shelter

Fairy House Scavenger Hunt and Fun Event

The Domestic Violence Center of Santa Clarita is hosting A Fairy Festival Family Fun Event on May 21st. Scholars who participate in the scavenger hunt...

Principal's Message

Principal’s Message

The weather is bright and so are the happenings on the campus. Our EPO leaders and I have been using fundraising money to complete needed repairs and ...


Yearbook Sales!

Add Photos & Memories to Your 2 Free Custom Pages! Add photos from your computer, Facebook & Flickr. Add memories & photos from thro...


What is Scrip Fundraising? ~ Don’t let those...

Scrip gift cards are the same gift cards you purchase in a grocery store or from a retailer. They can be used for everyday purchases. Our school c...



Yearbook Sales!

Capture Your Memories in this Year's Albert Einstein Academy Elementary Yearbook!

Add Photos & Memories to Your 2 Free Custom Pages! A...



penny wars is coming (1)

Penny Wars is happening ~ May 9th – 13th

Penny Wars are on its way and it is the BATTLE OF THE GRADES...



Think Factory

Think Factory L.A. – Summer Camp

A Summer Enrichment Program is Available on the Aea SCV Campus!

Every day, your child will take part in engaging creative sc...


Community Service

food forward

Food Forward

Community Service Opportunity

Food Forward: www.foodforward.org Spend a few hours picki...


Photo Album


1st Annual Spelling Bee!

Congratulations to Enzo Lovera for winning 1st place!

[gview file="http://ealas.org/sce/files/2016/03/SCV-Spelling...


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