History 7: Medieval and Early Modern Times

This course surveys civilizations spanning the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, kingdom building in Europe, African tribal societies, world religions, and Renaissance discoveries. A skill focus in this class is writing and analysis of various texts considering bias and perspective.

History 8: US History 1607-1877
8th graders focus on the problems and solutions of nation building in early America. Spanning time periods from colonization to Reconstruction after the civil war, students will learn the complex and evolving nature of American civilization and politics. Students will build upon writing and analysis skills but with a focus on document sourcing and research.
AP Human Geography
Students who enter into AP Human Geography get their first taste of AP courses by exploring the where, why, and how of human civilization. Basically, a question summarizing AP Human Geography is “why do certain phenomena occur where they do in the world?” Students learn to write precisely by completing many timed writing assignments throughout the year, and the course ultimately culminates with a national AP test in May.
History 10: World History
This course reviews the study of events around the world ranging from Renaissance to the end of the Cold War. Students focus on analytical writing through independent research with an ultimate goal of an independent term paper with both primary and secondary sources.
AP European History
10th grade AP Euro focuses on the development of the European continent with in depth analysis of events and people. Students can expect to read around 2-3 chapters a week, tests one a month, and quizzes every few days. Intense focus is on writing and thesis development. This class also ends with the national exam in May.
History 11: US History
Students revisit US history but with a focus on post-Reconstruction history but with an intense focus on the 1900s, with special emphasis on the two World Wars and Cold War. Students will develop end of year term papers with the expectation of utilizing multiple sources and perspectives to develop an original response.
AP US History
Entering into AP US History in 11th grade, students can expect to take a very in depth approach to the history of the United States. Ranging from pre-colonization to modern day history, students explore the social, political, economic, diplomatic, and intellectual events throughout our nation’s history. Quizzes, tests, and papers are frequent, and the class ends with the national exam in May.
History 12: Government and Economics
The 12th grade course studies the governmental and political fabric of the United States. The second semester focuses on the economic principles governing our country and its industries.
AP US Government and Politics
The AP 12th grade course goes in depth on the governmental and political makeup of the United States, interweaving economic foundations throughout the curriculum. The course focuses on written and verbal expression on the college level. The course culminates with the national exam in May.


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