• Time for State Testing!

    State Testing: Listed below are all the state testing dates for grades 4-12 including the 11th grade ACT and 12th grade OGTs. Please review these carefully to help ensure your child is in attendance the day of their tests. It is important that children get adequate rest and a healthy breakfast before these tests.

    March 13/14: Language Arts grades 4-6
    March 15/16: Language Arts grades 7-8
    March 17/20: English 9 and English 10

    March 13-17: OGTs for Seniors still needing specific tests

    March 21: ACT for all 11th graders (state required, free and college reportable)

    April 3/4: Math grades 4-6
    April 5/6: Math grades 7-8
    April 17/18: Algebra 1 and Geometry

    April 19/20: Science grades 5 and 8 only
    April 24/25: Biology and Government

    April 26/27: Social Studies grades 4 and 6 only
    May 1/2: US History

    Questions? Contact the school here.