• Severe Weather Information


    Hello AEA Families,

    As the AEA School Superintendent I take my responsibility very seriously when it comes to closing or delaying school due to winter weather. I am torn with the fact that it is too cold or there may be too much snow for children to attend area school(s), yet the malls, bowling alleys and movie theaters are filled with students when schools are closed due to winter weather.

    Since AEA has no walkers and only a small number of children that ride the bus (90% of our students are dropped off at school) AEA will close when city and state officials advise me that the roads and general weather conditions are dangerous.

    As always you as the parent can decide what is in your child’s best interest when the weather is bad. I will do my best to make the “correct call” each time weather becomes a factor in keeping school open.

    When we are forced to close school due to inclement weather, we post the closing as soon as possible, typically by 6:00 AM, on all the major TV networks (Channels 3, 5 and 8). It will show as Albert Einstein Academy. We will also send an e-mail blast, a text alert and update the schools web-site and Facebook page to reflect that school is closed. Unless indicated otherwise we are only closed for that day. We do not close as a part of Westlake City Schools or any other school district. AEA will close when we believe it is in the best interest of our students, families and staff.

    Thank you,

    Bruce W. Thomas, Ed.D.
    Superintendent of Schools, AEALAS of Ohio, Inc.
    Albert Einstein Academy- Westlake
    3600 Crocker Rd., Westlake Ohio 44145
    Phone (440) 471-4982 Fax (440) 617-6809

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